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Fluoxymesterone, initially marketed under the brand name 'Androxy' in tablet form, functions as an androgen and is primarily recognized for its resemblance to the male hormone testosterone. Among oral steroids, Fluoxymesterone stands out as one of the most potent, boasting anabolic potency 17 times greater than testosterone. Typically utilized in the final 6 weeks leading up to a competition or as an aggression enhancer consumed 2 hours prior to intense weightlifting or powerlifting sessions, Halotestin holds a special significance for competitors. It enables users to endure the challenging last phase of competition preparation, aiding in overcoming the calorie deficit resulting from a restrictive diet.
Halo is available in one (1) variant; 60 capsules per pouch 10 MG per capsule.

Packaging: 60 capsules in a sealed pouch.

Dosage & administration:

Half life

6 hours


10-100mg per day or as required

Average Cycle Length

2-6 weeks

Anabolic #


Androgenic #


Oral Bioavailability

Estimated at 100%

CAS Name

9-fluoro-11,17-dihydroxy-10,13,17-trimethyl-1,2,6,7,8,11,12,14,15,16-decahydrocyclopenta phenanthren-3-one


Fluoxymesterone, Halotestin, Halo

HALO (Halotestin) 10 MG

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