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Anabolicoz has been in operation for 5 years strong we have many loyal customers and athletes. We strive to give you guys the very best and only that., we won't stoop to levels of other companies and give bunk gear or an underdosed product.
What you see is what you get.  The history of Popeyelabs, Popeyelabs used to be Iasuperpharma Aus 2016-2020.
If you have ever been a previous customer of IA you would remember talking to popeye either through email or online chat there is even a product named popeye on the list never less. Popeye labs do not have any affiliation with IA whatsoever.
Iasuperpharma was nothing more than a label. Popeyelabs has has a good running reputation as a label for about 2 years. During this time we have received next to no customer complaints besides the old I did nothing and took peds sat on the couch ate chips and expected to get jacked and juicy.
Don’t take Peds and expect that. you gotta work harder than the average joe hence the reason there called performance enhancement drugs. Popeye labs will always strive to give the customer the very best and will not settle with underdosed products period. Feel free to email customer support with any questions relating to popeyelabs.

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