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  • Are your products genuine? Are they effective?
    Yes. Genuine, effective pharmaceutical grade human medications and correct to the dosage, ingredients listing and description on the labels and packaging as stated. What you see with Anabolic Oz is what you get – there are no substandard products at Anabolic Oz and we package our oils in clear glass vials with white labels to show our products legitimacy. Please see our testimonials and reviews section for further information.
  • Why are your orals retailed in capsule form?
    Due to global TGA regulations, tablets are medical TGA licensed only. Capsules are far easier to export overseas and clear through your customs than tablets since they can be declared as food and herbal supplements with ‘No Health Benefits Claimed – Supplement Facts Labels’. Our market research also tells us that customers prefer to orals in capsule form because they are easier to swallow and contain 300% less fillers and binders than pressed tablets.
  • How many caps?
    Australia site are presented in 60 piece sterile pouches, depending on the chosen product
  • How do you make certain that my 10ml vials are not under-filled?
    We use a set automated vacuum syringe to pull the correct quantity of oil into the auto filler prior to it being inserted into the 10ml vial for filling. The gauges are set and secured at the start of each filling run and signed off by the production line QA officer prior to a production run. Please be aware that the vials we use for injectables can hold up to 12ml of oil making it look like its under-filled because it leaves a space at the top of the vial however, all vials are filled with a minimum of 10ml. A simple way for you too check the vial amount is to insert a 10ml syringe into the vial and suck out all the oil to confirm its unto or past the 10ml mark. Don’t remove the needle from the vial when you have done this simply push the oil back into the vial when your satisfied the amount is correct. When drawing out weekly injection amounts, make sure you extract exact quantity every time. Failure to correctly fill the syringe to the intended amount will result in you having more or less oil at a given point in your cycle than you originally accounted for. If you over filled the syringe each time even by 0.1ml after 10 withdrawals you will be 1ml short of what you planned and that's where the confusion starts with vial fill levels.
  • What payment methods can I use?
    CRYTO (BTC, MONERO, LTC, ETH) Best and fastest method but due to fluctuating exchange rates, please make sure that you will be sending the correct amount corresponding to your Australian Dollar payment total at the time of transfer. You are responsible for paying any transaction fees / mining fees. We will not process orders that are not paid in full. During the payment process, you will be asked to send a photo showing the Bitcoin amount and equivalent Australian Dollar amount sent with the transaction ID. It is the customer’s responsibility to research how to use Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum. *All applicable money transfer charges, transaction fees, cryptocurrency mining fees etc will be shouldered by the customer. If you have additional questions before placing an order
  • How to contact us
    either subscribe and leave your email. log in and write in chat it will come through to us and we will reply in due time. Or get app Telegram and search for @anabolicoz and message there. you can also email direct at
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