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Introducing the Popeye Pen Kit – a groundbreaking collaboration between Popeye Labs and Lilly Pharmaceuticals, designed to revolutionize growth hormone supplementation. Each kit includes a 50iu chamber vial specifically crafted for use with the Genotropin pen, ensuring unparalleled convenience and precision in dosing. With a total of 500iu per kit, our Popeye Pen ensures you have an ample supply to support your growth hormone needs. Reconstituting is effortless, with 50iu mixed seamlessly with 1ml of bacteriostatic water. Trust Popeye Pen for quality, reliability, and results you can count on. Elevate your growth hormone therapy with Popeye Pen – the ultimate choice for optimized performance and well-being, backed by the expertise of Lilly Pharmaceuticals.

500iu chambervial kit popeye penincerts (genotropin incert) come with free pen

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